*We do all types of block machining and engine blueprinting.

Please call for latest pricing or questions.

Here are a few examples of our services… (not complete)

  • B/P Clutches
  • KART Weigh Out
  • KART Assembly

Typical Service Options

  • Machine Cyl Head
  • Machine Mod Head
  • Deck Cyl.
  • Deck Cyl. (Bottom & Top of Cylinder)
  • Cylinder Bore
  • Align Bore Cyl.
  • Hone Cyl.
  • Port & Polish
  • Stock Carb (yours) machined & flowed
  • Tillotson Carb (yours) machined & flowed
  • Tillotson Carb Rebuild (parts extra)
  • Install Valve guide (includes guide)
  • Change Valve Seat (plus seat)
  • Install Valve Seat (includes seat)
  • Weld Lifters Bores
  • Relieve Valve Chambers (for springs)
  • Machined Valve Seats (per seat)
  • Machine and Flow Carb (plus carb)

We ship UPS daily!